Check 21

Check 21 Law Means Checks Clear Faster

Effective Oct. 28, 2004, the Federal Reserve implemented the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Check 21) in U.S. banks.

The Check Station-Electronic Conversion System allows a business to convert paper checks into electronic images and deposit them into their bank account from the comfort of their office. In addition to decreasing their costs in check processing, we have added the convenience of re-presentment and recovery of bounced checks.

Advantages and convenience of the Check Station include:

•   No need to endorse checks
•   No need to list checks
•   No need to fill out deposit slips
•   No need to make photocopies of checks
•   No need to go to the bank
•   Quicker funding -Online detailed reports 24 hours a day

The Check Station also provides:

•   Recurring Payment Processing/Automatically
•   Check by phone
•   Internet check
•   One time ACH transactions
•   Check Recovery

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